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Verity means “Truth”, and we approach our sustainability work and professional relationships in a way that is conscientious of the environment, the people we employ and engage, and our local and global communities.

Through these commitments and with the awareness of the lives we touch, we help our corporate partners put their trust in us, while knowing they are insulated from bad press and false sustainability claims. They are getting fair and reliable pricing for their recyclables and recycled content, and they are actively engaged in a greener world and sustainable future.

Facilitating True Green Solutions

Plastics have added far reaching versatility and value to modern life. From lightweight, low cost packaging to advanced prosthetics, plastics have become indispensable. Hand-in-hand with those plastic-fueled evolutions in standard of living come tremendous and increasing volumes of byproducts and waste. After many decades of non-circular thinking, industry, governments, and consumers are catching on to the looming environmental, health, and societal calamities, of which our understanding is still in its infancy. The concerns are growing, and companies involved in the dialogues and solutions stand to benefit increasingly, whilst those refusing to innovate are likely facing increasing fines, penalties, taxes and the continuing upwelling of negative consumer sentiment and press.

Verity has decades of experience helping companies, municipalities, and organizations find and develop their True Green Solutions. We do not pretend to help your sustainability. We recycle many millions of pounds every month, in-house at our very own domestic recycling facilities. We offer closed loop and full service recycling programs, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are a company looking to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your landfill costs, use recycled content, or explore innovative solutions to unique sustainability questions, Verity is here to help, often in a way that also saves you money.

Only the Best

Eco Friendly Processing

Verity gets recycling done: at industrial scale, without obsorbidant costs or chemical and hazardous by-products.  Verity Recycling is busy with the viable solutions manufacturers need. Right now.


Verity continues to invest in the future and increase our capacity to keep us scaling along with our industry partners and the growing demand for sustainable plastic use.  We are adding and upgrading equipment every day.

High Quality Processing Management

Having the necessary equipment is step one.  Knowing how to operate it safely and effectively is just as important.  Our staff is highly trained and here for the long-haul.  We have found there is no substitute for experience and training in the world of recycling.

lbs. recycled annually

That covers the annual plastic usage of

average americans

A plastic waste equivalent of more than

Billion soda bottles

Equal to the CO2 savings of removing

cars from the road

New plastic production requires about 5 lbs. of CO2 per lb. of plastic. That means our annual offset is roughly

lbs. of CO2 recovered

whilst using a fraction of the energy usage of new production

“Our team members come from all over the plastics and manufacturing industry, and together we provide innovative, cost-effective, and scalable solutions to a huge range of manufacturers and recyclers.

We are tackling the greatest plastic pollution challenges through innovative science and technology.

Swapping the focus on waste management to circular economy”

Darren D. Lynch – CEO Verity Recycling

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