Full Service Recycling Consultations and Audits

We provide free consultation and quotes on industrial recycling programs. We are happy to visit your facility and offer cumulatively many decades worth of expertise in establishing cost-saving, environmentally beneficial sustainability solutions.

Recycling is not a one-size fits all solution. We look forward to helping you build the right program for your business.

Advanced Mechanical Recycling

Verity’s got the solutions from start to finish. Our diverse and modern processing equipment helps us serve a broad range of industry.

Material Identification and Separation

Our expert staff is adept at correctly processing industrial recyclables, helping increase value, reduce waste, and report accurately. Verity’s main tenant is a respect for our staff, customers, and community. This people-first attitude has allowed us to maintain exceptionally low staff turnover – an invaluable asset in an industry as complicated as ours. Among other benefits this allows us to accept combination and assorted mixed loads of industrial plastics.


We maintain shredders and grinders with a wide variety of capabilities and capacities, allowing us to process everything from large lots of bulky rigids to smaller hand-fed parts.


Verity operates a large-volume sink-float wash line at our Asheboro facility. This allows us to address several standard problems such as residues, contaminants, non-ferrous metals, and certain mixed material recovery. In addition to washing, our adjustable aspiration systems offer low-cost and environmentally friendly solutions to certain standard contaminants like papers, packaging films, dust and dirt, and problematic labels.

Formulation, blending, coloring

Pre- and post-blending helps us create hassle-free, tailor-made recycled pellets – colored, modified and formulated to your custom specifications.


We currently pelletize a variety of PP, TPO, PE, PS, ABS and PC/ABS materials. Our range of extruders allows us to handle differing material states and densities.  We process material for the open recycled-plastic market, toll-pelletize your material, and/or manage closed-loop reprocessing programs to turn your waste into the material you know and need.

Reporting and Certification

Whether your priority is green reporting for sustainability goals such as zero landfill, lab testing to ensure quality and consistency, or brand discretion through verifiable and sustainable material destruction.

We offer a wide range of reporting, certifications, and testing. Our two in-house labs offer expert and in-depth material identification, formulation, and quality checks

Our standard is to provide detailed and timely reporting on received recyclable materials, as well as necessary Certificates of Recycling for your Green Reporting.

For sensitive materials, we offer secure and documented destruction, with third party witnessing available as necessary.

Barrel Recycling Program

Due to huge demand for regional HMWPE Barrel Recycling Capacity, we have outfitted a special line to recycle plastic barrels, jugs and buckets.

No longer
“hard to recycle”

Using specialized barrel processing equipment, we have the capacity to recycle a standard 55 gallon barrel every 15 seconds. That’s 5,760 barrels every day or the equivalent of about 10 truckloads. That’s over 3.5 million pounds per month of processing capacity.

Dryvan, Bulk, LTL, Flatbed Shipping and Trailer Drops

Verity operates its own fleet of tractor trailers, bulk tankers, and box trucks. With over-the-road shipping rates increasing steadily and carriers becoming less reliable, we continue to invest heavily in our own shipping capabilities - allowing us to offer fast and reliable pickup and delivery services. To better serve you we remain cost effective by working closely with select dedicated carriers.

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Do you pay for plastic materials?

Yes, usually we do. Our pricing reflects current market pricing and the state of the recyclables.

How do we get more rebate for our recyclables?
Pricing is affected by ease of processing. Increased volumes of material, better sorting or heavier packaging will help increase rebates
Do you pick up and deliver? Do you accept HMWPE Barrels that need to be washed?

We have a cold wash system and can wash some contaminants. We can not wash such residues as oils, adhesives, dyes, or toxins. Barrels with residues should be drained and rinsed prior to shipment..

What do you charge for toll-pelletizing?
We base our tolling rate for any process on throughput. Many factors such as bulk density, blending, base resin and material specifications need to be considered. We will be happy to quote you a rate for pelletizing or any of our other services.